ICUIL 2008 in Shanghai-Tongli

ICUIL 2008 in Shanghai-Tongli

Edited: 2008/05/21

The 3rd International Conference on Ultrahigh Intensity Lasers: Development, Science and Emerging Applications (ICUIL'08) will be held October 27-31 in Shanghai - Tongli, China.

The conference covers following topics

  • Ultra high Intensity Lasers - Systems and science, today and tomorrow
  • New techniques for ultra intense lasers
  • Temporal and spatial pulse control and characterization
  • New component, material and high average power technologies
  • Emerging applications of ultra intense lasers for science and society
  • High Field Laser Science
  • Novel particle beams and X-rays sources based upon high power lasers
  • Current developments in attosecond science

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