Nominally, a rotation of the ICUIL Board members occurs once every four years. The process begins with the Chairperson calling for nominations of candidates from within the GA. The candidates are contacted by the Chairperson to discuss the nature of the role and to obtain acceptance of the nomination. A formal vote is carried out by a quorum of voting members of the GA. A quorum consists of 50% of the GA members; including 50% participation from the 5 member Board.

The General Assembly (GA) of ICUIL members is the highest decision making body of the IUPAP working group. Except for Associate Members, each GA member has one seat and one vote. The ICUIL Board is the executive body of ICUIL and is responsible for the daily business according to the activity plans and policies issued by the General Assembly. The GA elects among its members a Chairperson, two Co-Chairs, and a Secretary. The fifth member of Board is the Treasurer who can be elected by the GA or selected by the Chairperson. The ICUIL Chair represents ICUIL to the outside physics community and IUPAP in accordance with the Charter and policy guidelines issued by ICUIL. The two Co-Chairs are responsible for assisting the Chair in conference planning, obtaining corporate funding, and editing the ICUIL website. The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s roles involve supporting the Chair and Co-Chairs in the areas of communications and finances, respectively.

At the GA meeting held on December 11, 2020, the formal voting process resulted in Dino Jaroszynski being elected as Chairperson, Catherine Leblanc and Chang Hee Nam being elected as Co-Chairperson, and Terry Kessler being elected to continue as Secretary. The new Board took over on January 1, 2021.

New board members