The companies that have generously supported ICUIL in 2012.

Amplitude Technologies is operated from a modern facility located in Evry, approximately 20 miles south of Paris, and benefits from advanced laboratories and diagnostic equipment. Amplitude Technologies was founded by a team of experts from B.M.Industries, with more than 10 years of experience in the development of solid-state lasers. The company combines the industrial experience of its founders and close partnerships with renowned research laboratories to bring to the market advanced, reliable and easy-to-use laser systems.

Thales, created in 1984, became a 100 % subsidiary of the THALES Group (ex- Thomson-CSF) in 1995, employing today more than 70 000 people and worldwide well known for its activity in leading-edge technologies.

Since July 1st 2009, THALES Laser has merged with THALES OPTRONICS SA and has been renamed to "Laser Solutions Unit". It has been relocated in Elancourt and benefits. This operation will allow THALES to develop its laser business by investing in specific technical and industrial facilities and by exploiting synergies with its optronics business. The newly created Laser Solutions Unit at THALES OPTRONIQUE is comprising all current THALES Laser employees and has dedicated state-of-the-art technical and industrial facilities in synergy with THALES OPTRONIQUE's facilities on the same site.

Fastlite mission is to offer reliable, adaptable and user friendly products and tools to control the latest generation of lasers which delivers ultra short pulses.Fastlite designs, develops and offers to its customers both standard packaged and customs products based upon specific needs within the field of ultrafast optics.The company is dedicated to offering its customers means to exploit ultrafast technology to its limits. In the near future, Fastlite believes its offering will become an integral part of most of the ultrafast laser systems.

Since its founding 40 years ago, Continuum has developed a full line of standard and custom high energy solid state lasers that are now used in scientific, industrial and commercial applications. These applications range from spectroscopy, materials analysis and Particle Image Velocimetry to x-ray generation and high power plasma physics.

With the recent expanded capability, Continuum now offers high peak power femtosecond lasers such as ultra-intense high contrast systems and high power CEP-stabilized sub-20 fs lasers.

Axis Photonique Inc. develops and manufactures scientific instruments for the study of ultrafast events in physics and chemistry. We offer unique tools, helping researchers reach their scientific goals: Ultrafast streak cameras especially developed for time-resolved spectroscopy; Ultrafast electro-optical systems for control and shaping of ultrashort laser pulses; Electronic control units for ultrafast science experiments.