Asian Intense Laser Network

The Asian Intense Laser Network (AILN) is an organization established for the promotion of collaboration in the areas of intense laser science and technology among research groups in Asian countries and regions. This article gives an introduction to AILN, the charter of AILN and a list of AILN members.


Networks in Ultra- fast and High-intensity Laser Physics in Germany - W.Sander and MBI Berlin

The German ultra-short-pulse and high-intensity laser networks rest on two essential pillars
  • A substantial institutional basis: large national research organisations (Helmholtz, Planck, Leibniz complemented by an exceptionally broad university scene
  • Relevant supra-regional funding programmes:
    DFG (German Science Foundation)
    Topical research networks (open; mostly univ. groups)
    Transregio SFB's (closed)
    BMBF project networks